Join Yoga Rewards today and get free yoga every time you refer a friend to our Infinity Plan. Oh yeah, and they'll get free yoga too!


How much free yoga can I get when I refer a friend using Yoga Rewards? Yoga Rewards is a stepped-program that gives you and your friends more free yoga the longer you’ve been in the program. For students in their first year of membership, every time you refer a new student to our Infinity Plan you’ll both receive 2 free weeks of yoga. For students in their second consecutive year of membership and beyond, every time you refer a new student to our Infinity Plan you’ll both receive 4 free weeks of yoga.

If I cancel my membership now but join again later will my Yoga Rewards start over again? Yes, if you leave the Sacred108 program or Infinity Plan and then join up again later, your Yoga Rewards will automatically be reset. In this way, we encourage you to keep your membership going so that you keep getting more of that sweet sweet free yoga!

How many times can I refer a friend and receive Yoga Rewards? There is absolutely no limit to the number of friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances you can refer to our Infinity Plan. Every time you do so, you will both have 2 or 4 weeks of free yoga added to your membership, as determined by your Yoga Rewards level.

What if I refer someone but they don't stay in the Infinity Plan? As long as your friend stays in the Infinity Plan for at least 6 months, you will receive your Yoga Rewards. If they choose to leave early, that's totally up to them. They will simply follow the basic cancellation guidelines that apply to all Infinity Plan members. And, while their Yoga Rewards will be forfeited as part of the cancellation process, yours will be safe and sound :) 

If I cancel my membership before the end of my 12 months, will I still get to use the Yoga Rewards I've earned? In order to receive your Yoga Rewards, you'll first need to complete your 12-month membership. Then, every free week you've earned that year will be applied until they are all used up! After that, you are free to renew your membership with us, or choose not to renew if your membership is no longer working for you.

How do I keep track of my Yoga Rewards? We will happily keep track of your Yoga Rewards for you, but you are also welcome to record the number of months you've accrued as well. Alternatively, you can ask us at any time to remind you how many free weeks of yoga you have earned to date.

Can I still collect Yoga Rewards if I am in the Sacred108 program rather than on the Infinity Plan? Absolutely! Yoga Rewards apply to both types of membership. As soon as you refer your first friend to us, you’ll start collecting your Yoga Rewards!

Can a friend and I refer each other if we are both starting at the same time? In order to join Yoga Rewards you must first be a member yourself. This means that your application must be processed (which can take a few days) before your membership officially begins. Once you are members, however, you are both free to refer as many friends as you like!