Join our infinity membership plan and get unlimited access to all of our classes for just $29/wk


What is the Infinity Plan? This 12-month plan gives students unlimited access to all of our classes throughout the year for just $29/week. The plan is based on rolling admission, meaning that your 12-month membership begins from the date of your first class with us.

What happens if I want to cancel my Infinity Plan membership before the end of the 12 month period? You are not locked into the Infinity Plan. Although we encourage you to stay for the full 12-months in order to receive your full discounted price, if you should decide at any time that the Infinity Plan isn’t right for you, simply give us two weeks' notice and we will convert your balance to our regular unlimited class rate according to the length of time you have been on the plan and either charge or refund you the difference. For example, if you have been on the plan for one month, the difference would be $220 (regular unlimited class rate) minus $116 (amount paid towards Infinity Plan over 4 weeks) = $104 balance (charged to your direct debit account upon exit).

What if I want to rejoin the Infinity Plan again later? You can always join our Infinity Plan again later on. The only difference being that the price of the plan may have gone up by then. Right now it is set at $29/week. Whenever you sign up for the Infinity Plan, we guarantee that the price at your time of joining is locked in for life, as long as you continue with your membership. This means that in 5-, 10-, or even 20-years time, when prices will have naturally increased due to inflation and indexing, you will still only be paying $29/week for unlimited access to all of our classes throughout the year.

How do I pay for my Infinity Plan membership? You may sign up using your bank account or credit card details and membership will be billed fortnightly. There is no fee to join and all transactions will be handled automatically using our secure online server.

What if I want or need to take time off from my membership? As part of the program, you may take up to 4 weeks off per year. During this time, we will suspend your account and you will not pay any dues. All time taken off will simply be added to the end of your current 12-month plan. You may take time off for illness, travel, or just to enjoy a little break. Simply give us one week's notice to avoid incurring your fortnightly fees.

Do I have to take off all 4 weeks at once? You may take off as little as one week at a time, or as much as all 4 weeks at once. It is entirely up to you. You may also choose to take off no time at all and simply enjoy your practice with us all year round.

What happens when AAYS closes for holiday periods? If AAYS takes a break, whether for a few days over Easter or several weeks over Christmas and New Year, your account/card will not be charged during this time. Should the Shala remain open throughout the holiday period, you are invited to come to practice as usual. If you would like to take this time off for travel or otherwise, you may use one or more of your 4 hold weeks.

How do I join the Infinity Plan? Membership can be taken care of in a matter of minutes. Simply come in for class, complete the membership form, and your billing will commence the next business day. It’s that easy!

I am looking for the details previously posted about the Sacred108 program. Is this information still available? If you are a Sacred108 member and would like to reference the original FAQ that was available on our website, simply click here to view it: