Adelaide Ashtanga Yoga Shala      


Yoga is freedom, unconditioned awareness.
Insight into the nature of the mind and reality.
The end of suffering.
It is a practical system of physical culture
combined with meditative attention.

welcome to the

Classes have now recommenced for 2016. If you are a new student, we look forward to working with you.
To our returning students, welcome back for another wonderful year of practice!

See our current schedule for the class times and levels that are just right for you.

The Adelaide Ashtanga Yoga Shala offers classes in Ashtanga Yoga as taught by Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India. To find out more about Ashtanga Yoga or the classes we have to offer please feel free to browse our site, if you have any comments or questions please
call 0413 114 904 or email Simi or Youngblood at