What is the Sacred108 program? Soon, we will be launching our Infinity Plan to all new students at AAYS. This 12-month plan will give students unlimited access to all of our classes throughout the year for just $29/week. By special invitation, prior to this launch, we are offering all of our existing students a heavily discounted price for our Infinity Plan of just $25/week.  We are calling this special offer the "Sacred108" program.

What will I get from joining the Sacred108 program that I wouldn't get by just by signing up for the Infinity Plan? By being one of the first 108 people to join, you will receive the ongoing discounted price of only $25/week for as long as you stay in the program. This means that year after year, regardless of inflation, price hikes, and the like, you will have a guaranteed fixed-price membership that will never change. You will also enjoy sign-up perks that will not be offered as part of the regular Infinity Plan.

What perks come with the Sacred108 program? As well as the discounted membership price, you will also receive one of four tiered bonuses. Each tier has only 27 places available and, once filled, tiers will be closed out completely. Tier 1 offers the highest value of extra perks, followed by tiers 2, 3, and 4 respectively.

What does each tier offer? 

Tier 1: Unlimited daily classes + Unlimited access to all AAYS workshops throughout 2018 (a minimum $360 value). Only 27 places available.

Tier 2: Unlimited daily classes + 1 private yoga class (a $150 value). Only 27 places available.

Tier 3: Unlimited daily classes + 5 guest drop-in passes to share with any of your loved ones new to our Shala (a $110 value). Only 27 places available.

Tier 4: Unlimited daily classes + a $50 gift card to use in our yogalife shop (good for all equipment from bolsters and blocks to mats, straps, eye pillows and more). Only 27 places available.

What if I am one of the first 27 people to sign up but I would prefer the perk from a different tier? Keep in mind that tiers are released in order of highest to lowest value. However, if you sign up prior to the perk you want becoming available, just let us know and we will assign that perk to you, no questions asked. For example: if you are one of the first 27 people to sign up but you would prefer a private yoga class instead of access to all our our workshops throughout 2018, no problem at all. We will make that happen.

What else makes the Sacred108 program so special? As part of your membership, $9 will be donated on your behalf every month ($108 donated per member per year) to the Odanadi Children’s Trust in Mysore, South India to help feed, clothe, and house young girls and boys who have been rescued from human trafficking. This is at no additional cost to you. All monies donated will be taken out of your existing membership fees and given directly to Odanadi every month.

What happens if I want to leave the Sacred108 program before the end of the 12 month period? You are not locked into the Sacred108 program. Although we encourage you to stay for the full 12-months in order to receive your full discounted price and perks, if you should decide at any time that Sacred108 isn’t right for you, simply give us two weeks' notice and we will convert your balance to our regular unlimited class rate according to the length of time you have been on the plan and either charge or refund you the difference. For example, if you have been in the program for one month, the difference would be $220 (regular unlimited class rate) minus $100 (amount paid towards Sacred108 membership over 4 weeks) = $120 balance (charged to your direct debit account upon exit).

What if I want to rejoin the Sacred108 program again later? You can always join our regular Infinity Plan later on, but you will no longer be able to receive the special discount and perks currently being offered as part of our Sacred108 program.

How do I pay for my Sacred108 membership? You may sign up using your bank account or credit card details and membership will be billed fortnightly. There is no fee to join and all transactions will be handled automatically using our secure online server.

What if I want or need to take time off from my membership? As part of the program, you may take up to 4 weeks off per year. During this time, we will suspend your account and you will not pay any dues. All time taken off will simply be added to the end of your current 12-month plan. You may take time off for illness, travel, or just to enjoy a little break. Simply give us one week's notice to avoid incurring your fortnightly fees.

Do I have to take off all 4 weeks at once? You may take off as little as one week at a time, or as much as all 4 weeks at once. It is entirely up to you. You may also choose to take off no time at all and simply enjoy your practice with us all year round.

What happens when AAYS closes for holiday periods? If AAYS takes a break, whether for a few days over Easter or several weeks over Christmas and New Year, your account/card will not be charged during this time.

What is the relevance of the term "Sacred108"? Like the mantra Om, the sacred number 108 seems to have an essence that connects us to the whole. It serves as a reminder of the wonder and interconnectedness of the universe. We have chosen it because we feel it best represents our intention with this program: to connect with ourselves, our practice, and each other. Read more about the importance of the sacred number 108 by clicking here.

How do I join the Sacred108 program? Membership application is OPEN NOW, and billing will start as soon as your application has been approved. To register, simply send us your name, date of birth, and best contact number in reply to this email and we will send you the application form to return to us via email (or in person the next time you visit us for class). We expect these tiers to fill quickly, so don’t delay!